Business Empowerment

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Resurrection Parish Business Empowerment Advisory Council was set up to create a platform for members of the Church to improve their economic status through running profitable businesses and or advancing their skills in the marketplace.


The objectives of the Council include

  • To help members imbibe entrepreneurial knowledge that will help them build a sustainable and profitable businesses
  • To create an enabling platform that will help bridge the business management capacity gaps of members of the Church
  • To create enabling ecosystem and platforms that incubates bankable business ideas and transitions them to viable businesses.
  • To improve the education, skills and expertise of member to enable them build successful careers


The activities of the Council are driven by the following sub-groups to build sustainable engagements in the Church and achieve its objectives.

  • Training Academy – Facilitate training programs, seminars, workshops, and learning interventions, to close identified gaps and support participants to attain their developmental goals.
  • Appraisal/Content – Review and appraise applications for empowerment support. Also, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of Council’s initiatives/programs regularly to proffer suggestions for improvement
  • Business Incubator/Funding Committee – Oversee the startup and growth of business ideas into long-term and sustainable ventures by providing necessary financial support.
  • Business Access – Provide access to marketplace opportunities and funding windows


The Council shall provide empowerment support in the following areas (KOFS):

  1. Access to Knowledge – the know-how to start or scale a business or the training to improve employability skills or advance career
  2. Access to Opportunities in the Marketplace – a database of job opportunities, business collaborations, networking opportunities, additional training opportunities
  3. Access to Funding – the capital to start or scale a business idea
  4. Access to Business Support – to develop the capacity to navigate entrepreneurial and career challenges through mentorship and coaching, access to technology and shared services platform (co-location and shared infrastructures)

Do you want to become part of this great journey?

  • To seek support
  • To communicate empowerment support opportunities

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God bless you abundantly as you journey with us!

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